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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I'm looking to throw this special deal at ya'll! :) We've had an eventful few weeks that has thrown us off big time. I need to raise some funds to help things here at home go smoother! So that means I'm throwing a very special deal at ya'll!!!!!

BOGO Time!!!!

Buy ONE buy my store option @ $20 and you can GIFT one to a friend for FREE! yes, that's over 200 items!!!! That's including ALL retired PTU kits, older collabs and newest releases!!!

ALSO!!!!!!!!!!! You get my next 5 kits FREE!!!!!!! I'm almost done with another one!

To recap, what you get for $20 bucks:

200+ PTU PU and CU items of mine for yourself!
200+ PTU PU and CU items of mine for a friend of your choosing!

5 MORE PTU kits upon their release! WOW!! Talk about a mega deal!!!!!!

You can pay one of two ways:

Directly to my paypal : (include what it is you're buying in the notes)

OR through Treasured Scraps or Mystical Scraps Store!!!!!! *-*- The stores DO NOT show the updated sale ad just yet, but it IS ACTIVE! *-*-

Check out the two newest releases too!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
I did it! I finished a full kit! I know I've only put out mini CU stuffs in the last year, and I hinted over the weekend at a new goodie coming!

I was inspired by my friend Chrissy! She released her brand spanking NEW Novel  today! I'm so proud of her and so honored to have been able to read it! I discovered last week that she used to design kits too!!!!! OMG I was so thrilled! She came out of retirement JUST to make a freebie for ya'll. I'm so thankful for her input, help with stuff and over all excitement. Its hard to not get excited for her! LOL

Please go check out her fan page HERE, Like her page and give her a shout! Don't forget to congratulate her on her new book!

C. Shafanda's new book, Tormenting Touch is LIVE on Amazon HERE

You can join her facebook group , C. Shafanda's Crazy Cuties HERE

Check out this gorgeous kit she put together!!!!

You can get it HERE from dropbox

Get mine, from dropbox HERE

Check out this awesome FB cover I made for her too! 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Hi, everyone! I hope all is well with ya'll! I've been busy, busy, busy!!!!! As I mentioned before, I've made a transition into the book community and been working! Thankfully my love of creating and books goes hand in hand. I've been able to really reach out to my creative spirit and do more than I expected. I've learned quite a bit too. I love learning new things with PSP.

I truly appreciate all of you for stopping by, grabbing freebies, saying hey, purchasing my kits and just being awesome. I still LOVE designing. I'm working on a kit in fact when I need the distraction! I've also taken to making more snags! So look below for those!

First up, snags! Click on them to make them larger, then right click to save to your computer/device. I'll link you to the scrap kit I used and to my bookish fan pages! Please DO NOT ALTER the snags/tags! Do not add anything, crop, damage, etc.

Kit Used: Alice (PTU, available in the stores listed on my side bar)
The snag can also be found on my fan page, Designs by Shani

Kit Used: 7th Symphony (PTU, available in the stores listed on my side bar)
The snag can also be found on my fan page, Designs by Shani

Kit Used: Soxie's World - Limited time freebie, scroll down!
(PTU, available in the stores listed on my side bar)
The snag can also be found on my fan page, Designs by Shani

Kit Used: Romanie Snow (PTU, available in the stores listed on my side bar)
The snag can also be found on my fan page, Designs by Shani

Now for your limited time freebie! I'll leave this up until March 10th, 2017! So snag it now!



With all my love, cookies and Dew,


Thursday, November 17, 2016
Hello to all! I've been working on many things lately and was attempting to make a background for something and it wasn't fitting like I wanted. Instead of scrapping the hard work I'd done, I turned it into a freebie for you all!

These are Facebook Cover Backgrounds/Textures. Please not these are for PERSONAL USE ONLY! NO Commercial use allowed. The dimensions are 851x315 and 300 dpi. Three are shown, and the other two are the same as the bottom one. However, they have more texture to them. You'll see once you download and open the file.

Feel free to edit these in any way you like, as long as you make it personal use. Please do not upload and share on your own, link back to me. You may NOT add these to any commercial project you're doing. This includes kits, commercial use packs, or printables. If you have any questions, emaili me! :)

Thanks again guys for all the wonderful support and love. Making a transition to doing something different is never easy. I can't make everyone happy of course, but I'm hopeful those that are cranky about my semi-retirement will come around.

For now, I offer ya'll this freebie! Enjoy!

Download it from DropBox HERE
Monday, October 31, 2016

Hi Guys! I know, I know it's been a bit since I have posted regularly. I hadn't realized it's been since July! Yikes! It's time I gave ya'll an update. 

I don't want to say I've retired all the way, as I'm still creating in many ways. In fact I was creating some FB timeline cover  backgrounds last night. I'll make those available to ya'll soon for free download. But, with that said, I'm not really working on kits now. I've dabbled some and done little things for collabs and what not. My heart just isn't in int like it used to be. Honestly, I never thought I'd say that. It makes me feel a bit sad of course. I mean I've been apart of the PSP community in many ways for nearly 10 years. I love it still, I love seeing everyone creating and making beautiful projects. There will always be the creative force in me that wants to open PSP and really create like crazy. I've been doing that too, just taking some of it in a different direction!

If you go to my fan page of The Chronicles of an Abibliophobiac HERE you can see what I've been up to! This takes you to the album where you can see my creations.

I've been taking a different turn for sure! I've always been an avid reader. OK so a bit obsessive? I mean I have read 300+ this year alone! I decided to start reviewing books as it's so important to authors and readers. That has turned into several new opprotunities for me. I'm doing some work with graphic editing, personal assistant, promoting, and more. I'm loving all of it and it makes me so thrilled to see things I've done turn out to be a hit. In a different way than scrapping if that makes sense.

I promise, I'm still creating! I'll continue to post things here for ya'll to snag for free. I'm growing in a different direction (that I never saw coming) and doing what makes me happy. I appreciate all the love and support as always. Not everyone is going to be happy with me, but what can you do? I'm one person who doesn't have the creative mojo to crank out 30 kits in a month like I used to. I'm gettin' old man! Just kidding! Although tomorrow IS my 39th birthday. Yes for only the 1st time! ;)

I'm always around somewhere, I promise. You're more than welcome to connect with me through my other blog, fan page, personal page, email, etc. I'll still check things regularly and leave goodies for you all! 

Loves, cookies, and happy times,

Where can you find me?
In my corner of course!
Email: or
Facebook: Shani Kenny
Twitter: @BookishShani_K
Thursday, July 14, 2016
Hello my darlings! I know it's been a bit since I updated you all and even offered some goodies for you all. Life has been....chaotic. But, in a lot of ways good. I'm still designing, just not AS much. I'm working on some other things and just going with the flow of things. The older I get the more I am reminded that I really do have limitations and to slow the hell down. It's not easy for me, as I've always been creative and busy. The creative part of me, constantly has to have an outlet. So I've been writing a lot. Mainly for myself, but still it helps. I've also started some other things like crafting with the kids. I'm NOT leaving the tagging/design world. That would just not balance me out at all.

But I want to venture out into new ways of being creative and learning new things. It keeps me focused on some positives.

Ok, so my ramblings aside, thank you to ALL of you for the love, the comments and the general support. I've been in this community for over 8 years now total. Maybe closer to 9? Design wise that's 7 years at least. In all that time it's been ..... eye opening at times, and others amazing. You take the good with the bad and I'm so blessed to have so many awesome supporters.

Damn, I rambled again huh? SHOOT! LOL

Ok, Ok. I participated in the Fantastically Free Blog Train for this month! This gorgeous palette was supplied and the theme of "Vintage Feeling". I had intended to make a kit. However the more I looked at previous kits of mine, I would have just been repeating them. So here we go with some CU papers! A few were made by me. The others are resells.

Don't forget to stop by the other stops on the train and snag away! Keep in mind we are ALL in different time zones and around the world. If someone doesn't have theirs up, then please stop by later on.

5 CU/PU FTU paper packs. They are in JPEG and PNG format. 3600x3600 - Full Size. Please note that the drop shadow and size are for the preview only! There might be a slight discoloration on the preview. This is due to the watermarking I chose to use for the preview. This is NOT on the actual papers!

Download them from Dropbox HERE

Don't forget to stop at these on the way!

Don't miss the other stops on this train...


Hello my darlings! I finally got it together and cleaned up some files on my computer. I found this template I made probably two months ago or so. It's nothing much, but maybe you guys would find it useful.

If you read through to the end of this might see something that sparks your creativity! So make sure to look! :)

Everything is on it's own layer. Including the drop shadow I used. That way you can delete any layers you don't like. It's in PSD and PSP format. This is FREE TO USE and PERSONAL USE ONLY! Not for any commercial, or media use. It is the size of a basic FB cover.  Please note there might be a slight discoloration to the preview because of the watermarking I used.

Please enjoy! I'd love to see anything you make!

You can download it from drop box HERE

If you make anything with it, please email me! I'd love to see it! You never know, you might just get a PTU kit of mine in return! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hey guys! I have a freebie for you guys. I participated in the Fantastically Free Blog Train for this month. 

This is a full size commercial use pack that can be used for CU or PU No CU4Cu!

All items are either in png or jpeg format. Papers are 3600x3600

Don't forget to make the other stops on the train! Remember too, we all living in different parts of the world, so you may have to check back if you don't see theirs yet. 

You can download my part HERE

And the other stops.....

Don't miss the other stops on this train...


Thursday, April 21, 2016
I'm like Waldo! Ya can't find me! LOL It's because I've hidden a bit and worked little bits on various scrapping things. I've loaded stuff to stores with the help of some ridiculously awesome friends! I have a to do list that's never ending!

I'm not leaving my scrapping world. I can't do that! I'm just slowing wayyyyyyyy down lol. I've got the mojo but just not the attention span. I've been sick for a month now, and it's making me nuts. I start to feel better then BAM....I start coughing again. Yes, I'm going to the doctors, I promise! Apparently this crud has been circulating all over the country. My kids have managed to get it three freaking times since December. How wacky is that? energy level is low.

I'm also working on various other things. I know...nothing new there! Shani's all over! :)

I love ya'll. I really do! I have such great support in our little community and love. I've been doing this for going on 7 years now believe it or not. At least 6 of those scrapping. I can't give it up, it would crush me. But I will be making more freebies and what not soon. 

I hope this finds you all well! <3 and="" for="" goodies="" look="" more="" p="" soon.="" updates="">

With sprinkles on cookies, and glitter in the air, all my love......